Phoenix Rhythmic Gymnastics Ltd Code of Conduct

Phoenix RG register with British Gymnastics and Follow it policies and appropriate guidelines. All Coaches contracted by Phoenix RG are fully qualified and current members of British Gymnastics, hold valid Safeguarding children certificates and DBS checked.

Phoenix RG

  • Take all necessary steps to ensure the safety, happiness and self- confidence of All Gymnasts training with Phoenix RG.
  • Welcome all children who want to try Rhythmic Gymnastics independent of sex, age, ability, ethnicity or sexuality.
  • Be open and welcoming and offer parents/guardians opportunities to become involved in the Club events, for example displays or competitions.
  • Contact parents/guardians immediately in case of an injury or child feeling unwell.
  • Keep parents/guardians well informed and give as much notice as we can about changes in training time table, events, club closures.
  • Encourage and expect good behavior, perseverance, determination and concentration from all gymnasts.
  • Keep parents and gymnasts aware of the progress being made during officially set surgeries.
Parents/Guardians obligation

  • Provide accurate up to date information during registration process and inform Phoenix RG about any changes in personal information such as contact details.
  • It is the Parents/ Guardians responsibility to inform Phoenix RG of any medical conditions the child may have at the point of booking and notify in writing of any changes in medical conditions.
  • Parents/Guardians agree to accept the sole responsibilities for their children immediately before and after end of the class. It is Parents/Guardians responsibility to ensure their child safety while in the changing rooms, toilets, receptions and waiting areas as well as the safe entry of their child to the sports hall and vice versa.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for bringing their children on time for the classes. Warm up is an essential part of the training and absence from that part of the class could result in injury.
  • Bring children appropriately dressed for training sessions as advised in Club's policies and support the child training process by purchasing necessary items such as Club uniform for competitions, appropriate apparatus and competition leotards.

  • Should follow carefully all instructions by the coaches and behave in appropriate manner before, during and after the sessions. Gymnasts are not allowed to leave the training hall without permission form the coach for safety and security reasons.
  • All gymnasts should respect the club coaches, officials, and fellow gymnasts. Rudeness, insults, racist behaviour, physical or mental abuse are prohibited and their use by any gymnast could result in termination of their participation.
  • For health and safety reasons gymnasts are not allowed to climb on rolled mats or any other equipment or practicing acrobatic elements without coach supervision.

  • All Phoenix RG coaches must ensure that a safe environment is provided during and after training sessions, displays and competitions.
  • Gymnastics is a sport, which requires a high level of safety and discipline. Therefore, coaches can use appropriate level of verbal discipline if they deem necessary to avoid accidents and minimise injuries.
  • Coaches can use British Gymnastics supporting techniques when helping gymnast understand the correct position, shape or movement.
  • Coaches reserve the rights to sit gymnasts out of the class if child behaviour does not meet the club's rules and might compromise their own safety or safety of other participants