1. General Agreement

1.1. All Phoenix RG members, parents and staff must adhere to the specific rules of the venues we run classes in.
1.2. All gymnasts need to wear a suitable Uniform during training sessions: Black fitted top or leotard, black leggings, white socks, or half shoes.
1.3. All gymnasts need to bring a water bottle to training. No fizzy drinks, food or chewing gum is allowed in the gym.
1.4. All long hair must be tied up neatly and no jewellery is allowed. Anyone wearing earrings will be asked to remove them or cover them with tape or a plaster.
1.5. Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by adult before and after each session.
1.6. Parents are not allowed to come inside of training area during any classes. Children progress better if parents do not distract them. It's dangerous to communicate with your child whilst training.
1.7. Parents need to ensure that the child has had a drink and been to the toilet before the session starts to minimise disruption.
1.8. Parents need to arrive on time to collect children or to let us know in case of lateness.
1.9. Parents should inform us in advance if the child will not be attending a session.
1.10. As the training sessions run one-by-one the coaches do not have an opportunity to answer parents' enquiries. If you have any questions, please, contact us in writing on
1.11. All Phoenix RG coaches use British Gymnastics supporting techniques to ensure gymnasts safety during training sessions. All participants would be given verbal instruction, visual demonstration and offered appropriate level of physical support during training session.
1.12. Gymnastics is a sport, which requires a high level of discipline. Therefore, coaches can use appropriate level of verbal discipline if they deem necessary to avoid accidents and minimise injuries.
1.13. Coaches reserve the rights to sit gymnasts out of the class if child behaviour does not meet the club's rules and might compromise their own safety or safety of other participants.
1.14. Phoenix RG club we will not tolerate any abuse, bullying or threatening to our coaches and any staff members. Rudeness, insults, unreasonable demands, unreasonable persistence,
managing unacceptable actions, discrimination on any grounds (skin colour, nationality, sexual orientation), physical and mental abuse are prohibited and their use by any gymnast or parent, especially in front of the children, could result in termination of membership.

2. Parents/Guardian Code of Conduct

2.1. Parents/Guardians warrant that the information provided on the Registration Form is accurate
and up to date. It is the Parents/Guardians' responsibility to ensure that they update Phoenix RG in
writing of any change in medical conditions or contact details.
2.2. It is the Parents/Guardians' responsibility to inform Club's management and coaches of any
special medical conditions at the point of joining.
2.3. Parents/Guardians agree to accept the sole responsibility for their child immediately before and
after the end of the class. It is the Parent/Guardian's responsibility to ensure their child's safety
while in the changing rooms, toilets, reception and waiting areas as well as the safe entry of their
child to the Sports hall and vice versa.
2.4. Parents/Guardians are responsible for bringing their child on time for the class. Warm up is
essential part of the training and the child's potential absence from the first part of the lesson could
result in injuries.
2.5. Parents/Guardians take full responsibility for their children's personal belongings such as clothes,
shoes, and bags. Coaches and officials of Phoenix RG are not held responsible for any damaged, lost,
or stolen items in the Sports hall or the facility.
2.6. Parents/Guardians are advised to accept official judgments regarding their child's behaviour and
development. Phoenix RG strongly discourages challenging and arguing with club's coaches and
2.7. Parents/Guardians would not be given personal phone number and contact for club coaches.
2.8. Phoenix RG follows strict anti-discriminatory policies. Everyone in the club will receive equal
2.9. If you have cause to complain about our service, please address it in writing to
2.10. It is the Parents' responsibility to make sure the child is familiarised with Gymnast's Code of Conduct.
2.11. Parents must ensure their child arrives on time for their session.
2.12. Parents must deliver their child into the gym to ensure their child's coach is present and collect
them from the gym to ensure they are safely returned to a responsible adult at the end of a training
2.13. Parents must ensure their child is appropriately dressed for gymnastics and has a water bottle,
hair tied up, no jewellery etc.
2.14. Parents must ensure their child understands that they must always follow the instructions of
the coaching staff.
2.15. Parents must inform the Administrator/coach of any condition their child may have that may
affect their participation in the session.
2.16. Parents must ensure all necessary paperwork is complete, all training or competition fees are
paid on time or discuss any problems confidentially with the club management directly.
2.17. Parents must appreciate and respect the efforts of the coaches and club officials in the
development of their children and understand that success in gymnastics takes many years of hard
work and dedication.
2.18. For the safety and welfare of all Club members any concerns should be reported immediately to
Club Welfare Officer.
2.19. Parents are not allowed to discuss staff, coaches, gymnasts, and club policies on any electronic
media including mobile phones and social networking sites.
2.20. Parents cannot interfere with the training process and tell the coach how to carry out his
coaching work. Any feedback or questions could be address only in writing directly to management.
2.21. Parent must teach their child to respect all coaches, staff, and other gymnasts.

3. Gymnast's Code of Conduct

3.1. Gymnasts should follow carefully all the instructions given by coaches and behave in appropriate
3.2. Gymnasts must adhere to the rules and respect coaches, judges, and their decisions. Gymnasts
must respect fellow club members.
3.3. Gymnasts must display professional and respectful conduct whilst representing the club at
competitions or other events.
3.4. Gymnasts must inform the coach of any injuries or illness they may have before or during the
3.5. Gymnasts are not allowed to leave the premises without permission of the Head Coach for their
safety and security reasons. Under 13s should remain with coaches at the end of a session until
collected by their parent or guardian.

4. Membership, Payments, Classes, and Attendance

4.1. Gymnasts should have valid British Gymnastics Membership to train with Phoenix RG. Parents
must register their children by themselves using British Gymnastics website.
4.2. Payment for all classes is due an advance and fees must be paid in full to enable your child to
keep their place. Please be aware that places not paid for by the fees due date, may be offered to
participants on the waiting list.
4.3. Fees should be paid for full course in advance via bank transfer to Phoenix RG bank Account.
4.4. Fees are not refundable or transferable to another participant or next course. However, in the
case of a child developing a medical condition which stops them from attending classes a refund can
be issued under club discretion and with GP certificate confirming the condition.